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Massage in it's purest form is for the relaxation and rehabilitation of the body & mind!

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Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork LLC of Lansdale, PA, is dedicated to giving you excellent massage and bodywork. Take a look at our useful FAQs to learn more about our therapeutic services. We give $10 OFF your next visit for referrals.

The following topics cover many of the common questions and concerns people have about massage therapy.

Q. How do I find a therapist when I have a medical problem?

A. Ask for qualifications and experience when you make an inquiry. Certification and at least 500 hours of training from a qualified school should give the therapist enough basic knowledge to help you. Experienced therapists will know what to do for different situations.


Q. What is a Stressor?

A. A stressor is a situation, event, or demand, which disrupts a person's equilibrium and triggers a bodily reaction called the "stress response". This response reduces functionality throughout the day.


Q. What are the signs that my optimal level of stress has been exceeded?

A. Common symptoms would be, faster heart rate, shallow breathing and muscle tension. Constant high levels of stress can lead to more serious problems over time. These include high blood pressure, heart disease and chronic pain.


Q. Can a Therapeutic Massage relieve the stress response?

A. Yes. Massage therapy is a wonderful alternative for helping reduce the stressors of our everyday life. Since the area of stress covers many situations, it should be noted that massage is not a substitute for a doctor's visit.


Q. How can massage help your stress?

A. You've had a long day at work, have a stiff neck, sore back and legs and are generally wiped out. Now, imagine lying on a table, soft music, and someone taking all the pain and troubles of life away for a while. Would this make a difference in your life? At TM&B, we help restore the balance that brings your body back to normal. With the different styles of massage therapy available, we can customize a treatment program specifically designed to meet your needs.

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